July 28 - Hillary Clinton's Big Task Tonight; Is the Clinton Campaign Preaching to the Converted?; The U.S. Intelligence Agencies' Investigation of Russian Hacking

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Part 1

We begin with the task ahead for Hillary Clinton in her speech tonight to overcome the lack of trust factor while reaching out to Middle America, at the same time not alienating the “Bernie or Bust” delegates who are poised to make a scene and perhaps walk out on her. Simon Rosenberg, the President and Founder of the New Democratic Network and a former member of the 1992 Clinton War Room, joins us to discuss the tough acts that Hillary has to follow after the soaring rhetoric of the Obamas and others at the Democratic convention who have spoken on her behalf. We will also examine the disadvantage of being a status quo politician in this year of the outsider and whether making history as the first woman running for President as the nominee of a major party will prove to be an advantage.

Part 2

Then we speak with George Lakoff, a Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California Berkeley and the author of “The All New Don’t Think of an Elephant”. We discuss how important framing and semantics are in politics and whether the messages coming from the Clinton campaign so far are more about making her supporters feel good about themselves by reminding them how bad Trump is rather than reaching out to those who do not support her by addressing the issues that concern then which will not be assuaged by a rosy view of an economy that many feel has left them behind.

Part 3

Then finally we look into the accusations of Russian hacking and apparent attempts to interfere with our election with Robert Morgus, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation’s Cybersecurity Initiative. He joins us to discuss where the investigation by U.S. Intelligence Agencies stands into the possible role of Russia’s FSB and GRU Intelligence organizations in the hacks of the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s server which Donald Trump has encouraged the Russian’s to hack into to find 30,000 of her emails.