May 7 - Results of the French Election; Relief in Germany Following the French Election; The Death Rattle of White Privilege

September 11 - A View From Inside Trump Land; The Saudi 9/11 Cover-Up and What Russia's Spies Are Up To

August 29 - Could Putin Hack the Election For Donald Trump?; The Vulnerability of America's Voting System; Growing Awareness of America's Toxic Ties to Saudi Arabia

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  • July 28 - Hillary Clinton's Big Task Tonight; Is the Clinton Campaign Preaching to the Converted?; The U.S. Intelligence Agencies' Investigation of Russian Hacking

    July 27 - Trump Encourages Russians to Interfere in our Elections; Alinsky as Lucifer and "You're Being Ridiculous"; "The Key For Democrats: Expose Trump as Weak, Not Strong"

    July 6 - The Devastating UK Report on the Iraq War; Russia's Role in Hurting Hillary and Helping Trump; The Koch Brothers Liken Themselves to Civil Rights Workers in the 1950's

    June 15 - Senate Democrats Filibuster for Gun Sanity; The Russian's Hack the DNC for Dirt on Trump; Trump's Symbiotic Relationship With ISIS

    December 2 - A New Secretary of Defense; North Korea's Cyber-Attack on Sony Pictures; The Execution of a Mentally Ill Man In Texas