June 5 - Trump's Cynical Politicization of Sports; A Conversation With Michael Eric Dyson; Manafort Faces Jail For Witness Tampering

July 28 - Hillary Clinton's Big Task Tonight; Is the Clinton Campaign Preaching to the Converted?; The U.S. Intelligence Agencies' Investigation of Russian Hacking

July 26 - Gulen Explains His Movement While Turkey's Leader Purges All Enemies, Real and Imagined; PA Pollster on Trump's Lead and How Much Protests are Hurting Clinton; What is Driving the Thousands of "Bernie or Bust" Protesters in Philadelphia?

July 25 - FSB and GRU Fingerprints on DNC Hack; Unease Among Intelligence Officials About Briefing Trump; Vocal Sanders' Supporters Cast Doubt on Democratic Party Unity

May 13 - Cutting Amtrak's Funds Hours After a Tragic Derailment; The Double Standard with CIA Leakers; The Big Lies About Education "Reform"