September 10 - A Report From Florida Where Hurricane Irma is About to Hit; Does Putin Have Buyer's Remorse Over Trump?; How American Freedom is Manipulated in Russia Information Warfare

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Part 1

We begin with the massive hurricane making landfall on Florida’s southwest coast as we go to air and speak with Dr. Susan McManus, the Distinguished University Professor of Political Science at the University of South Florida. A long-time resident of Florida who has experienced many hurricanes, she is just north of Tampa which is poised to suffer a direct hit from Hurricane Irma but her house is on high ground and she will be hunkering down to ride out the storm. Since Tampa has not seen a direct hit from a major hurricane in almost a century, we discuss how state and local authorities have handled the looming disaster and whether those who evacuated Miami and sought shelter in Tampa, will be in harm’s way as the storm surge is expected to impact Tampa Bay with a wall of water between 10 and 15 feet high.

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Part 2

Then we get an update on the latest revelations about Russia’s active measures campaign to influence the last election which, while it has sown chaos in the United States and could lead to more political paralysis and possibly a constitutional crisis involving the 25th Amendment or even impeachment, this multi-faceted intelligence operation has also impacted politics in Russia with blowback that has Putin on the defensive having over-reached massively while the leader of the far-right New Russia Movement is on state TV threatening to “hit Donald Trump with our Kompromat”. A veteran former CIA officer Robert Baer who is now the national security analyst on CNN, joins us to discuss the growing weight of evidence that a vast Russian intelligence operation targeted U.S. democracy in 2016 and now its architect Vladimir Putin may well have buyer’s remorse.

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Part 3

Then finally we speak with Asha Rangappa, Associate Dean at Yale Law School who teaches National Security Law and served as a Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation specializing in counter-intelligence operations. She joins us to discuss her article at Politico “How Facebook Changed the Spy Game” and assess at what point will all the dots be connected to reveal the full scope of the Russian active measures operation, as breaking news dribbles out almost daily revealing more incriminating details.