November 12 - Performance Without Accountability among our Top Brass; The Leadership Vacuum at the CIA; Shuffling the Deck with the Syrian Opposition

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Part 1

As we observe Veterans Day with the military establishment still stunned by the downfall of General Petraeus, we begin with two-time Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tom Ricks, whose new book, just out, is “The Generals: American Military Command from World War 11 to Today”. We discuss the gulf between performance and accountability within the highest ranks of the military as the eleventh commander in eleven years takes charge of the current war in Afghanistan. tom ricks


Part 2

Then, following the abrupt departure of General Petraeus, we look into the leadership shuffle at the CIA with a former 27 year veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern. We discuss the difficulties the Obama White House have had in establishing an intelligence team, starting with the first Director of the National Intelligence Council Ambassador Chaz Freeman who was ousted on his first day on the job.

ray mcgovern


Part 3

Then finally, as the Syrian conflict show signs of spreading, with Israeli tanks returning fire against artillery on the Golan Heights, we will examine the newly formed Syria opposition coalition headed by a prominent Sunni imam. James Gelvin, an expert on Syria at UCLA, joins us to describe the make-up of this new coalition that is more likely to receive increased funding and arms as the military stalemate in Syria drags on. james gelvin
  MUSIC: Midnight Oil - When the Generals Talks; Bob Dylan - Masters of War; The National - Start a War