August 22 - The Strategic Complexities and Contradictions Surrounding Afghanistan; The Generals Beat the Mercenaries Over Afghanistan Strategy; Mnuchin's Wife's "Let Them Eat Cake" Moment

April 9 - Mixed Signals Coming From the Trump Administration; How Much Did Bombing Syria Distract Attention From the Russia Inquiry?; Cheerleading in the Press For Trump's Bombing of Syria

October 16 - Predicting a Donald Trump Victory in November; Putin's Denial of Interfering in the US Election; A Call for a Ceasefire in Yemen

March 31 - Vulnerable US Nuclear Bombs in Belgium; The Risks and Rewards of Sanctions; "Women Are Already Punished For Trying to End Their Pregnancies

November 3 - The Chief Salesman of the Iraq War Dies; Big Sugar Versus Big High Fructose Corn Syrup; House Republicans Slip Bank Deregulation Into the Popular Highway Bill

October 25 - The Double Standard Between Investigating Benghazi but Not 9/11 and Iraq; Sanders Takes the Gloves off in Iowa; A Russian Journalist on Putin's Control of the Media

July 5 - A Call to Turn Independence Day into Inter-Dependence Day; U.S. Presidents Today Have More Power than George III Did in 1776; How Free Do African Americans Feel Today?

June 21 - A Racist Media Narrative Emerges From the Latest Massacre; The Failure of Diplomacy Between Greece and the European Union; How Cowardice is Used to Promote Wars and Influence Foreign Policy

May 25 - On Memorial Day, A Veteran of the First Iraq War; A Veteran of the Second Iraq War; A Veteran of the Vietnam War

April 12 - Shattering the Ultimate Glass Ceiling; Drones and the Illusion of Perfect Warfare; The U.S. and Cuba's President At An Historic Meeting