May 7 - Results of the French Election; Relief in Germany Following the French Election; The Death Rattle of White Privilege

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Part 1

We begin with the French presidential elections and as the polls are now closing we will speak with an expert on French politics, European social democracy and the French Socialist Party, Philippe Marliere, a professor of French and European politics at University College, London. He joins us to discuss the results as they come in and the impact of the last-minute data dump of hacked internals files from the Macron campaign meant to help his opponent Le Pen. We also examine the role of Wikileaks who provided the largest boost of attention to the Macron files on Twitter along with bots from far-right groups here in the United States. Reminiscent of the DNC hack by “Fancy Bear” which has been attributed to the APT -28 group tied to the GRU, Russian Military Intelligence, we assess whether the attempt to mix stolen data with fake news will backfire on a French electorate that is increasingly jaded by political squabbling and mudslinging.  

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Part 2

Then we examine the results which are expected to give Macron a wide margin of victory and look into the possibility of further interference in the upcoming German election by Russia. Mona Krewel, A Professor of Government at Cornell University and a Fellow at the Mannheim Center for European Social Research at the University of Mannheim in Germany who is an expert on the relation between media and politics, joins us to discuss whether the attack on Macron minutes before the media blackout in France had it intended effect.

Part 3

Then finally we assess whether the recent Rose Garden ceremony of a group of smug, smiling “Christian” white men celebrating the passage of a bill in the House that will hurt and harm millions of their fellow Americans will backfire. Stephan Schwartz, a futurist and columnist for Explore and the publisher of the and author of “The 8 Laws of Change”, joins us to discuss the death rattle of white privilege as demographic trends indicate that simply being born white will no longer confer privilege in the future.

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