February 28 - The Deadly Difference Between Social Media Meddling and Cyberwar; The Sad Truth About the Happiest Place on Earth; The Collateral Damage of Conspiracy Theories

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of why the head of the NSA and Cyber Command’s testimony on Russian interference yesterday misses the point and how meddling in social media is nothing compared to an act of cyberwar which the U.S. engaged in against Iran with Stuxnet and that if the U.S. and Russia went down the path of cyberwarfare, thanks to Admiral Roger’s lax management of the NSA, 80% of the NSA’s arsenal of hacking tools were stolen by the mysterious “Shadow Brokers” and are now in enemy hands, meaning Russia, China and North Korea could shut down the United States. James Bamford, an investigative journalist specializing in national security issues and author of “The Shadow Factory: Inside the Ultra-Secret NSA, from 9/11 to Spying on America” joins us to discuss how the CIA is the only agency authorized to conduct covert cyber warfare and not the NSA or Cyber Command. We  also look into the dangerous combination of arrogance and amateurism in a White House that allowed Jared Kushner’s access to the nation’s top secrets which attracted Israel, China, Mexico and the Emirates to exploit Trump’s na├»ve son-in-law and Jared’s desperation to find the $1.2 billion he is underwater for on a bad real estate investment he made to impress Ivanka and her father.    


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Part 2

Then we look into how the happiest place on earth Disneyland is full of unhappy employees who are forced to smile while one in ten workers are homeless, 74% can’t afford basic monthly expenses, two thirds don’t have enough to eat three meals a day and 85% are paid less than $15 an hour. Peter Dreier, Distinguished Professor of Politics at Occidental College and co-author of a new study “Working for the Mouse: A Survey of Disneyland Employees”, joins us to discuss how the head of Disney Bob Iger will take home $162.5 million this year while his workers’ pay has dropped 15% since 2000.

Part 3

Then finally we examine the collateral damage of conspiracy theories as students in Florida who survived the shooting are harassed by followers of Alex Jones with death threats as happened with the parents who lost their kids at Sandy Hook because of Jones’ claims that the Florida students are “crisis actors” and the massacre at Sandy Hook was a government “false flag” operation. Joseph Uscinski, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami and co-author of American Conspiracy Theories”, joins us to describe the dilemma that removing offensive videos from You Tube can provide Jones with the free speech martyrdom he craves and increase his viewership.