August 4 - An Expert on the History, Ecology and Management of Fire; The NSA Could Have Prevented 9/11; Who Will Make the Cut in the First Republican Debate?

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Full Program


Part 1

We begin with the out-of-control wildfires in California that have forced the evacuation of 13,000 from their homes as some 20 wildfires burn across the state.  Stephen Pyne, an author and expert on the history, ecology and management of fire who is the Regents Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, joins us. The author of the forthcoming book, “Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America”, he will discuss how these fires so early in the season indicate California and the West is facing a long, hot and destructive fire season ahead.

Part 2

Then we speak with James Bamford, an investigative journalist specializing in national security issues and author of the best-sellers “Body of Secrets”, “The Puzzle Palace” and “The Shadow Factory: Inside the Ultra-Secret NSA, from 9/11 to Spying on America”. We will discuss his article at Foreign Policy “Missed Calls: Is the NSA lying about its Failure to Prevent 9/11?” and the evidence that makes it likely that 9/11 would have been stopped in its tracks if information the CIA and the NSA had at the time was shared and acted upon.

Part 3

Then finally, as the kingmaker Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, gets to decide who will make the cut to be in the top 10 on stage for the first Republican presidential primary debate in Cleveland on Thursday, we examine how the last-minute polling factors into who the lesser of the lessers will be. Robert Jensen, a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin joins us to discuss how everyone in the crowded field is trying to position themselves to the right of each other, representing a party that today would consider Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan left wing appeasers.