September 16 - A Compilation of Recent Interviews: Patriotism as the Last Refuge of the Scoundrel in the Oval Office; The Former Cyber Czar on Russian Meddling in the Upcoming Election; Evangelical Pastors Campaigning Against Republicans

September 11 - A View From Inside Trump Land; The Saudi 9/11 Cover-Up and What Russia's Spies Are Up To

July 24 - Hillary's Campaign Blames the Russians for the DNC emails leak; A 9/11 Widow on the Declassified 28 Pages Implicating Saudi Arabia; A Profile of Senator Tim Kaine, the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee

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  • July 17 - Inside the Declassified 28 Pages on the Saudi Role in 9/11; Erdogan Calls the Failed Military Coup "A Gift From God"; The Amateur Theatrics Surrounding Trump's Pick for VP

    May 16 - Although His Family Suffered in the Cultural Revolution, China's Leader is Reviving Mao; The Extent of Saudi Influence in Washington; Arming a Government That Does Not Control Libya

    April 17 - Saudi Arabia's Threat to Stop Lawsuits by 9/11 Families; Could Hatred Between the Bernie and Hillary Camps Derail the Democrats?; The Impeachment of Brazil's President

    February 15 - How Republican Obstruction Will Damage the Supreme Court; The Bush Brothers Whitewash History; Obama Meets With the ASEAN Crooks and Despots

    December 30 - Saudi Arabia's Hidden Role in 9/11; Undoing Wahhabi Influence With More Diversity in Islam

    December 14 - An Appraisal of Whether the Climate Deal is "A Hoax"; The Blindness and Double Standard of the New Visa Waiver Act; The Author of "Raw Deal: How the Uber Economy and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers

    October 25 - The Double Standard Between Investigating Benghazi but Not 9/11 and Iraq; Sanders Takes the Gloves off in Iowa; A Russian Journalist on Putin's Control of the Media