republican debate

January 14 - Trump and Cruz Square Off in the 6th Republican Debate; Saudi-Inspired and Financed Radicalization of Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia; Jon Krakauer on the Militia in Oregon and the Rape Culture on Campus

December 15 - The Trump-Cruz Slugfest; The Closure of LA's Schools Based on Threats Others See as a Hoax; The Taxpayer's $20 Billion Gift to Amazon

November 2 - The Republican Candidates Choose Questions and Questioners; Marco Rubio's Shady Family Connections; Speculation Over What Caused the Russian Jet to Crash into the Sinai

September 17 - The Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged; Ignorance and Belligerence on Display in Foreign Policy Debate; Winners and Losers in the GOP Presidential Debate

August 9 - The Battle Lines Between the White House and the Israel Lobby; The GOP Debate as the Culmination of the Tea Party Takeover of the Republican Party; Ferguson, Missouri One Year Later

August 6 - Anticipating the First Republican Presidential Primary Debate; Voter Suppression on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act; Nuclear Danger on the 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima

August 4 - An Expert on the History, Ecology and Management of Fire; The NSA Could Have Prevented 9/11; Who Will Make the Cut in the First Republican Debate?