April 3 - After Meeting With Leaders of the Baltic States, Trump Calls for Friendship With Russia; Trump's Attacks on Amazon and Its CEO Jeff Bezos; Israel Massacres Palestinians and Not a Peep From the White House

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Part 1

We begin with the White House meeting today with the leaders of the Baltic states Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania at which President Trump called for better relations with Russia saying “just about everybody agrees to that, except very stupid people”. David Andelman, the author of “A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today” who formerly served as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times and CBS News and is currently a contributor to CNN and a columnist for USA Today, joins us from Paris. We  discuss his article at CNN “Please don’t start a global trade war, President Trump” and how Trump’s erratic behavior lurching from one tweet to another is seen from abroad, in particular how France’s President Macron feels about Trump’s peculiar fealty towards Putin who Trump has invited to visit the White House at a time when 27 countries including France are kicking out Russian diplomats in response to Russia’s use of a WMD against a NATO country.


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Part 2

Then we speak with David Dayen, a contributing writer to Salon.com and The Intercept, and a weekly columnist for The New Republic where he has an article “No Sympathy for Amazon”. We  discuss Trump’s continuing attacks on Amazon and its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos obviously motivated by Bezos’s ownership of The Washington Post which is breaking stories investigating the corrupt and chaotic Trump Administration. While Trump is an autocrat without and autocracy, at least for the moment, we will investigate the extent to which the U.S. Postal Service which is being crippled by a Congressional mandate to pre-pay 75 years of pension benefits, is getting a bad deal out of its arrangement with Amazon.

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Part 3

Then finally we go to Israel to speak with the former spokesman for Shimon Perez, Gideon Levy, a columnist and member of the editorial board of Ha’aretz whose latest book is “The Punishment of Gaza”. We  discuss his article at Ha’aretz “The Israel Massacre Forces” and why we have not heard a word from the White House or the State Department after the recent massacre of Palestinian protesters by the Israeli army that left 17 dead and over a 1,000 wounded.

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