April 3 - After Meeting With Leaders of the Baltic States, Trump Calls for Friendship With Russia; Trump's Attacks on Amazon and Its CEO Jeff Bezos; Israel Massacres Palestinians and Not a Peep From the White House

April 2 - the Market Plunges on Fears Trump Is Starting a Trade War; Sinclair: America's Ministry of Truth; A Teacher on Why She Is on Strike in Kentucky

January 31 - Democrats Should Run With Joe Kennedy's Righteous Anger at Trump; Trump's Big Apple Lie in His SOTU Speech; The Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway Health Plan

December 15 - The Trump-Cruz Slugfest; The Closure of LA's Schools Based on Threats Others See as a Hoax; The Taxpayer's $20 Billion Gift to Amazon

August 17 - A Mysterious Bombing in Thailand; Clinton Dogged By Scandal While it Rolls Off Trump; Amazon's Darwinian Work Practices

October 14 - Jonathan Taplin sits in for Ian Masters

December 18 - India's Fury Over the Treatment of its Diplomat in New York; The New Owner of The Washington Post's Conflict of Interest With the CIA; The Real Story Behind Detroit's Bankruptcy

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