October 23 - Trump's New Low as He Attacks the Widow of a Fallen Green Beret; Niger and Why It Is Suddenly in the News; How the Adults in the Room Are Enabling Trump

July 4 - Ron Kovic: "Born on the Fourth of July"; A Call for an Economic Bill of Rights on Independence Day

June 1 - The Reporter Whose Investigation Led to Trump's Press Conference; A Judge Trump Insulted Strikes Back; The Press's Double Standard in Covering Trump

May 31 - Trump Insults the Press for Not Praising His Good Deeds; Trump Taunts the Neocon King-Maker Bill Kristol; Bernie Sanders and the Golden State Warriors Turn Around Victory

January 28 - Exposing the Profiteering Off Vets by the Wounded Warrior Project; A Highly Decorated Vet's Disgust at the Wounded Warrior Project; The Lowering of the IQ in the Intelligence Community

November 11 - Carson's Foreign Policy Adviser a Zealous "Christian" Prosthelytizer ; After Signing the $607 Billion Defense Bill, Will Obama Act to Close Guantanamo?; Labeling Vets With "Personality Disorder" to Deny Them Medical Care and Pay

July 21 - A Highly Decorated Former POW on Donald Trump; The Damage Done to Planned Parenthood by an Anti-Abortion Sting; Tariq Ali on his New Book "The Extreme Centre: A Warning"

May 25 - On Memorial Day, A Veteran of the First Iraq War; A Veteran of the Second Iraq War; A Veteran of the Vietnam War