June 1 - The Reporter Whose Investigation Led to Trump's Press Conference; A Judge Trump Insulted Strikes Back; The Press's Double Standard in Covering Trump

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Part 1

We begin with the fallout from Donald Trump’s attack on the press yesterday and then try to figure out why he insulted a Federal Judge presiding over a case against Trump University, and then examine the apparent double standard that if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton had engaged in such a public meltdown with the press, the punditry on TV would be crucifying them while columnists would be writing their political obituaries. First we speak with the reporter whose investigation into whether Trump was making good on his promise he made to much fanfare to donate to veterans’ charities instead of appearing at a presidential debate on Fox News, led to yesterday’s combative press conference at Trump Tower. David Fahrenthold, who covers Congress for The Washington Post, joins us to discuss his article at The Washington Post “Trump announced his gifts to veterans. Here’s what we learned” and the level of anger and indignation that Trump displayed which overshadowed his efforts to display his good deed of charitable giving to veteran’s groups.

Part 2

Then we try to assess why Trump attacked a judge overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University and look into the substance of the charges against Trump for defrauding and misleading enrollees in his defunct for-profit University who were promised they would learn the secrets of Trump’s success in real estate. David Halperin, a senior fellow at Republic Report who was a special assistant for national security affairs to President Clinton and counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, joins us to discuss his article at The Huffington Post “Trump University: A Scam, But a Familiar One” and why the predatory business practices revealed in the documents the judge unsealed should be enough to disqualify Trump from the presidency. 

Part 3

Then finally we examine why one presidential candidate is not getting the scrutiny that others, in particular Hillary Clinton have been subject to for decades, even though Trump routinely displays behavior that would have ended the careers of traditional politicians and candidates. Jonathan Cohn, a senior correspondent at The Huffington Post joins us to discuss his article at The Huffington Post, “If the Media Treated Trump Like Other Candidates, Yesterday Would Have Ended His Campaign”