July 4 - Ron Kovic: "Born on the Fourth of July"; A Call for an Economic Bill of Rights on Independence Day

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Part 1

We begin with Ron Kovic, whose birthday it is today. He served two tours of duty during the Vietnam War and was paralyzed from the chest down in combat in 1968 and has been in a wheelchair ever since. Along with Oliver Stone, Kovic was the co-screenwriter of the 1989 Academy Award-winning memoir “Born on the Fourth of July” which starred Tom Cruise as Kovic. He joins us to discuss the re-issue of a new edition of his book “Born on the Fourth of July” with a forward by Bruce Springsteen, and his latest book just out today, “Hurricane Street”, which chronicles the activism that Ron Kovic and other wounded veterans had to resort to by staging sit-ins and hunger strikes to get the healthcare and treatment that he and other disabled Vietnam vets were promised and deserved. By occupying a U.S. Senator’s office, the Washington Monument and bathrooms in the White House, Kovic and his comrades changed how Veterans Affairs hospitals cared for our wounded Vets.


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Part 2

Then on this Independence Day we examine the need for a Declaration of Economic Independence and the implementation of a new Economic Bill of Rights which President Franklin Roosevelt declared in his last address to the nation. William K. Black, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the University of Minnesota and a Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri – Kansas City joins us to discuss the extent to which populist anger today in both the U.K. with the “Brexit” vote and in the U.S. with the Sanders campaign on the left and the Trump campaign on the right, are a result of the failure of Tony Blair’s New Labor policies in the U.K. and Bill Clinton’s New Democratic programs in the U.S. which have left working class voters treading water at the bottom while the rewards from increased productivity and trade deals go to the top.