November 23 - The Revolution is Just Beginning; The Neocons as Elder Statesmen; Senior Advisor to Ron Paul on Foreign Policy

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Full Program



Part 1

We begin with attorney and activist Zevin Zeese who has been active in third party politics and served as Ralph Nader’s press secretary and spokesman in 2004. He has been active in the “Occupy D.C.” movement and we discuss how the growing disgust with Congress might benefit third party movements as well as the future direction of the occupy movements. kevin zeese


Part 2

Then the author of “They Knew They Were Right; The Rise of the Neocons” Jacob Heilrunn joins us to critique the latest Republican presidential candidate’s debate on national security that featured a panel of questioners representing the pantheon of neoconservative hawks responsible for the last decade’s disastrous wars and deficits. We discuss the candidate’s performance and positions as well as the possible return of the neocons. jacob heilbrunn


Part 3

Then finally Bruce Fein joins us. He is a Senior Advisor to the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign and we talk about the Republican outlier whose defense and foreign policy stance is at odds with the rest of the Republican presidential candidates. And although Ron Paul elicits rousing cheers from the debate audience, he is treated with uncomfortable scorn by the other candidates on stage and is largely ignored by the press. bruce fein
  MUSIC: Shabazz Palaces - Are You.. Can You.. Were you? (Felt); Rolling Stones - My Sweet Neoncon; Built to Spill - You Were Right; Black Sheep - The Choice is Yours