August 23 - Trump is Putin's Asset and In Debt to the Russian "Mafiya"; Russia Boasts of Deeper Military Involvement in Syria; Trump Politicizes the Death of Mollie Tibbetts Over the Objections of Members of Her Family

March 14 - "The Deep State 2.0"; Congressman King's Latest Racist Rant; Mounting Republican Opposition to Paul Ryan's American Healthcare Act

February 3 - A Member of the Syrian Opposition on the Collapse of Peace Talks; The Last Gasp of America's Plutocrats; Jordan Has Reached a "Boiling Point"

February 2 - The Youth Vote in Iowa's Close Democratic Caucus; The Quirky Nature of Iowa's Democratic Caucus; Fox News and ISIS are Driving a Wedge Between Muslims and the Rest of American Society

February 1 - A Profile on Ted Cruz; Politicians Using Songs By Artists Who Do Not Support Them; The Spike in Shootings in Chicago

January 31 - "The Death of Conservatism"; An Update From Iowa Ahead of Tomorrow's Caucus; 10,000 Children Missing From the Migrant Tide to Europe; Shut Out of the Koch Brother's Latest Conclave

January 28 - Exposing the Profiteering Off Vets by the Wounded Warrior Project; A Highly Decorated Vet's Disgust at the Wounded Warrior Project; The Lowering of the IQ in the Intelligence Community

January 25 - The Political Earthquake Splitting Parties; Billionaires in Backrooms and Up Front in the Race; From Euphoria to Despair: Tahrir Five Years Later

January 24 - Instead of the Best Candidate, the GOP Front-Runners Are a Choice of Who is the Worst; The US and Turkey Prepare For a Military Solution in Syria; The Political Impact of Russia's Failing Economy

January 20 - Plunging Oil Prices and Panic on Wall Street; The Reappearance of Sarah Palin on the Political Stage; Obama Visits the Detroit Auto Show