January 31 - "The Death of Conservatism"; An Update From Iowa Ahead of Tomorrow's Caucus; 10,000 Children Missing From the Migrant Tide to Europe; Shut Out of the Koch Brother's Latest Conclave

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Full Program


Part 1

We begin with “The Death of Conservatism: A Movement and Its Consequences” a prescient book by Sam Tanenhaus, a columnist at Prospect Magazine who previously was the editor of The New York Times Book Review and the Week in Review section of the Times. He joins us to discuss what appears to be the fracturing of the Republican Party and other traditional conservative parties in Europe where in the U.K. UKIP is making gains at the expense of the Conservative Party as Le Pen’s National Front in France also surges. We look into the phenomenon that the leading candidates for president on the Republican side has tenuous connections the GOP at best while on the Democratic side Bernie Sanders is the longest serving Independent in U.S. history and a self-described Democratic Socialist

Part 2

Then we go to Iowa for an update on the last-minute campaigning ahead of tomorrow’s Iowa Caucus. David Redlawsk the author of “Why Iowa?: How Caucuses and Sequential Elections Improve the Presidential Nominating Process who is currently a Fellow at the Harkin Institute at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, joins us. We examine the latest Des Moines Register poll that has Trump and Hillary Clinton in the lead.

Part 3

Then we go to Switzerland to speak with Leonard Doyle, the Director of Media and Communication and Spokesperson for the Director General at the International Organization For Migration about the alarming report from Europol, the E.U’s police intelligence unit, that more than 10,000 children may have disappeared after arriving in Europe in the migrant tide from the Middle East over the past two years. We will look into the possibility that many were taken by human traffickers to be dragged into slavery, sex work and other criminal activities.

Part 4

Then finally we go to Lauren Windsor who is standing outside a luxury resort in Indian Wells near Palm Springs that the Koch Brother have taken over for a weekend gathering of the Koch network of billionaire donors who have spent more than $400 million in 2015 to elect politicians who will do their bidding. The Executive Director of American Family Voices, Lauren Windsor has managed to infiltrate the last two secret Koch conclaves but this year she has been targeted by Koch Brothers security and forced to report from the sidewalk outside the luxury resort.