February 1 - A Profile on Ted Cruz; Politicians Using Songs By Artists Who Do Not Support Them; The Spike in Shootings in Chicago

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Part 1

We begin and go to Iowa just as the caucuses get underway and speak with Erica Grieder, a Senior Editor at The Texas Monthly where she has an article “The Field Guide to Ted Cruz: Ten Tips for figuring out the “wacko bird”. She joins us to discuss the increasingly acrimonious competition between the two Republican frontrunners Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who just called Cruz “a liar”, and although Cruz is on the record calling Trump “terrific”, we will examine this polarizing figure who is either loved or hated, and assess his chances of either becoming the next president of the United States or a laughingstock.


Part 2

Then with Adele and other recording artists serving notice to Trump, Huckabee and other Republican presidential hopefuls for copyright infringement, we speak with William Hochberg, an attorney with Greenberg Glusker Law Firm specializing in music and media law whose clients have included award-winning recording artists, songwriters, producers, film composers, record labels and music publishers. We discuss the rules for using recorded music at political rallies and what rights artists have when they feel their image and reputation is being damaged by politicians they do not support and in some cases despise.

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Part 3

Then finally we look into the epidemic of gun violence in Chicago with 292 people shot and 50 killed in January alone, which is double the number of shootings compared to last year. Craig Futterman, a Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School who is the founder of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Projects in Chicago, joins us to examine what is behind these alarming statistics that do not include officer-involved shootings.