December 30 - Saudi Arabia's Hidden Role in 9/11; Undoing Wahhabi Influence With More Diversity in Islam

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Part 1


Today we look into the growing doubts about our relationship with our so-called ally Saudi Arabia and begin with a program broadcast on April the 22nd of this year in which we examined the unexplored avenues of inquiry into the untold story leading up to 9/11 and its aftermath, in particular the role of Saudi Arabia since 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens. Senator Bob Graham, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the co-chairman of the 2002 joint congressional inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks, joined us to discuss his push for the disclosure of the 28 pages of the congressional inquiry that remain classified and the extraordinary coincidences involving meetings between Saudi officials and the hijackers in San Diego and ties between the hijackers and a Saudi family in Sarasota, Florida who abruptly left the U.S. under suspicious circumstances just before 9/11. 




Part 2


We now go to a program broadcast on December the third in which we speak with Ali Al-Ahmed, the founder and director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs about the need for less Saudi Wahhabi influence and more diversity in Islam as American Imams and Islamic Scholars once again find themselves on the defensive, repeating clich├ęs that “Islam is a religion of peace” to an increasingly skeptical  American public that is more and more susceptible to the kind of Islamophobic ignorance being spread by Republican presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.