April 17 - Saudi Arabia's Threat to Stop Lawsuits by 9/11 Families; Could Hatred Between the Bernie and Hillary Camps Derail the Democrats?; The Impeachment of Brazil's President

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Part 1

We begin with Saudi Arabia’s threat to sell off up to $750 billion in treasury notes and other U.S. assets before any possibility of freezing these assets by American courts could arise if a bill in Congress that would strip Saudi Arabia’s sovereign immunity proceeds, thus opening the door for lawsuits by the families of victims of 9/11.  Former CIA officer Robert Baer joins us. He was among the first to expose the perfidious relationship between Saudi Arabia and the U.S. in his book “Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold our Soul for Saudi Crude” and, ahead of President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, we discuss the building pressure to declassify 28 pages of a 2002 joint congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks that expose a Saudi role, which if released to the public would likely give impetus to the bill and the lawsuits by the 9/11 families.

Part 2

Then we look into the growing animus between supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton that could derail the chances of the Democrats winning the presidency and taking back the senate in spite of disarray and division on the Republican side. Julian Zelizer, a Professor of History and Public Affairs at Princeton University, who attended last Thursday’s debate in Brooklyn between the two Democratic primary candidates, joins us to discuss how the tension on the stage was nothing compared to the friction in the crowd, and how this tribal fratricide could prove fatal for the Democrats as it did in 1968 and 1980.

Part 3

Then finally, with today’s impeachment vote against Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff proceeding in the lower house of Congress in Brazilia, we examine the consequences of a likely impeachment in a bitterly divided country whose economy is in free fall as the Zika virus spreads at an alarming rate, all casting a shadow over the Olympics which are to be held in South America’s largest nation less than four months from now. Peter Hakim, president emeritus of the Inter-American Dialogue joins us to discuss this impeding crisis from which everybody, except the judiciary, will emerge as losers.