September 30 - Behind the Lines in Syria; Now That the U.S. Rewarded Iran with Iraq's Oil, The War in Syria is About Oil; Does Netanyahu Get to Decide When American Blood is Shed?

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Part 1

We begin and go to Syria to speak with Amnesty International’s lead crisis researcher Donatella Rovera who is behind the lines in the war zone, on her seventh human rights observer mission inside Syria where she has documented atrocities, death and destruction. We discuss the callous targeting of civilian areas and the growing refugee crisis. rovera


Part 2

Then as one of the wonders of the ancient world, the souk in Aleppo burns, we speak with Robert Baer, a veteran CIA officer who served in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and has correctly predicted the course of the Syrian civil war since its beginning in March of 2011. We discuss the increasingly long and bloody surrogate war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and its growing toll on lives, property and irreplaceable sites of historic heritage.

robert baer


Part 3

Then finally we speak with Mark Perry who has an article at Foreign Policy, “The Entebbe Option: How the U.S. Thinks Israel Might Strike Iran”.  Following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ultimatum at the U.N. that Iran will cross his red line in the spring, we discuss the three possible options of, one, an Israeli commando raid on Iranian nuclear facilities, two, a massive bombing campaign, and three, a decapitation strike against Iranian leadership and its military and intelligence Praetorian Guard.

mark perry
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