September 24 - Merkel Wins a Fourth Term in the German Election; Merkel as the Leader of the Free World; Trump Picks a Fight With the Country's Leading Stars in Sports

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Part 1

We begin with the elections in Germany with the results just coming in and speak with Daniela Schwarzer, Director of the German Council on Foreign Relations. She joins us from Berlin to discuss Chancellor Angela Merkel’s victory in winning a fourth term with her Christian Democratic Union winning 32% with the Social Democratic Party at 20% and the far right Alternative for Germany gaining 13.3%. We explore the likelihood of Merkel forming an alliance known as the “Jamaica Coalition” because of the parties’ colors resembling the Jamaica flag, comprising Merkel’s CDU, the pro-business Free Democratic Party and the Greens.

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Part 2

Then we examine further the important political role of Angela Merkel on the world stage where she is increasingly being referred to as the leader of the free world, a title normally assigned to the President of the United States, but because of Trump’s distain for America’s long-standing alliances and his growing unpopularity at home and abroad the role the U.S. has had since the end of World War 11 is being relinquished. Joining us is Charles Kupchan, who up until recently was a Special Assistant to President Obama for National Security and before that was Director of European Affairs on the National Security Council during the Clinton Administration and is now a Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with veteran sportscaster Robert Lipsyte, a long-time sport and city columnist for The New York Times and the author of a memoir “An Accidental Sportswriter” who was also a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and for NBC Nightly News. He joins us to discuss the fight that Donald Trump has picked with some of the country’s biggest stars in football, basketball and baseball and Trump’s excessively macho contention that NFL football is not rough enough at a time when the debilitating effects of CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy among professional football players is becoming known.

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