September 24 - Iranian Experts on Rouhani's U.N. Speech; Backlash Against NSA Spying at the U.N.; Growing Republican Hysteria Over Obamacare

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Part 1

We begin with the meeting that did not happen between President Obama and Iran’s President Rouhani at the U.N. because it was apparently vetoed by Iran’s Supreme Leader. First Dr. Trita Parsi, the co-founder and president of the National Iranian American Council joins us to discuss the Iranian leader’s speech to the U.N., and then we will discuss it further with Nader Hashemi the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver.


trita parsi

nader hashemi


Part 2

Then we examine the consequences of the NSA’s spying on Americans that the President and the head of the NSA assured us was only directed at foreigners. One foreigner, the president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, blasted the NSA in her opening speech at the U.N. saying that “without the right of privacy there is no democracy and without respect for sovereignty there is no basis for proper relations amongst nations.” Christopher Sprigman, a professor of Law at New York University joins us to examine the fallout from increasing international outrage over the on-going NSA scandals.


Part 3

Then finally we assess what it being done to counter growing hysteria and hyperbole over Obamacare that has Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz vowing to filibuster until he can no longer stand up to save the American people from the impending doom of affordable healthcare. Ethan Rome, the executive director of Health Care for America Now joins us to discuss what Republicans fear most about the Affordable Care Act and why they are determined to shut the government down to prevent its implementation, their fear that Obamacare will work.

ethan rome