July 2 - Hope and Joy in Mexico; Democrats' Massive Mistake of Calling to Abolish ICE; We Will Be Paying More for Mortgages, Car Loans and Credit Cards

June 28 - The Co-Director of Justice Democrats Who Recruited Alexandria Ocasio-Cartel; The CBO Warning About Trump's Exploding Deficit; Examining Retiring Justice Kennedy's Swing Vote Record

April 15 - The Cosmetic and Theatrical Attack on Syria; Trump's Lawyer Cohen Did Visit Prague; We Are The Least Taxed But Feel The Most Burdened By Taxes

August 23 - Do Leftists Actually Like Losing?; The Little-Known $2 Billion Nuclear Accident; Investigating Trump's $650 Million Debt

June 29 - What is the Sanders Endgame?; The "Three Amigos" Celebrate NAFTA While Trump Trashes It; Senate Acts to Relieve Puerto Rico's Debt

May 10 - Putin's Parade; A Post-Mortem on the UK Elections; Will Greece Get Through This Coming Week's Crisis?

April 26 - The Devastated Tiny County of Nepal; Forgiving Nepal's Debt; The Assad Regime on the Ropes from Within and Without; The U.K. Elections Hinge on Third Parties

February 22 - Turkey Intervenes in Syria; Polar Opposite Personalities Negotiate the Greek Debt Deal; Outside Factions Prevent a Settlement of Libya's Civil War

September 15 - Why Turkey is Not Joining the Anti-Islamic State Coalition; The Economic Consequences of Scottish Independence; Garnishing Wages for Consumer Debt

July 31 - The House Sues Obama Over His Executive Orders which are at a Historic Low; Millions of Argentines Must Satisfy an American Billionaire's Greed; The U.S. Hands Venezuela a Propaganda Gift