September 24 - Are We Making Assad Stronger?; "Obama's Long War in the Middle East"; Secret Corporate Donors to Republican Governors Revealed

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Part 1

We begin with President Obama’s call in his speech to the United Nations for the world to join together to fight Islamic State militants as he vowed to “dismantle this network of death”. We examine the daunting challenges and contradictions that expanding the war against ISIL to Syria pose with David Lesch, a specialist on Syria whose latest book is “Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad?”, and analyze the conventional wisdom that by bombing ISIL, the U.S. is helping Assad who is now free to turns his guns on the moderate Syrian opposition the U.S. supports and plans to invest a half a billion dollars in to build up it’s fighting capacity.

david lesch


Part 2

Then we speak with veteran journalist William Greider, the national affairs correspondent for The Nation where he has his latest article “Obama’s Long War in the Middle East”. We discuss the orchestrated campaign to paint Obama as a weakling to force his hand into intervening once more in Iraq and the extent to which modern American warfare has become a video game for the media to feed on, as well as William Greider’s contention that we are in danger of becoming deranged by our own militarism.

william greider


Part 3

Then finally, we examine the incriminating documents uncovered by CREW, the Center for Responsible Ethics in Washington, that reveal secret GOP records of corporate donors paying for access to Republican governors, with one document listing 17 major corporate members of the Republican governor’s association’s secretive 501c-4 that had previously shielded the identities of donations by major American corporations in an A to Z of America’s largest corporations from Aetna to Walmart. Sheila Krumholz, the Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington DC joins us to discuss the contents of the documents and their impact.