Feb 21 - Wayne White on Developments in Libya; Madison's former Mayor, Paul Soglin on Wisconsin Uprising

Hear Part One Former Deputy Director of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research's Office of Analysis for the Near East and South Asia, Wayne White, gives his analysis of the situation in Libya. Wayne White
Hear Part Two Former six-term mayor of Madison (and current mayoral candidate), Paul Soglin, discusses the stand-off in Wisconsin's capital. Paul Soglin

Feb 20 Wilkerson on Cheney, Will Bunch on Wisconsin and Joseph Nye on The Future of Power

Hear part one Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson - Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff accuses VP Cheney of cooking intelligence and deceiving Powell into making the case before the UN for the Iraq war. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
Hear part two Will Bunch author of "The Backlash: Right-wing Radicals, Hi-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama" on the Wisconsin demonstrations. Backlash
Hear part three Joseph Nye author of  "The Future of Power" on the role of the Internet in global revolutions and how the U.S. must combine hard power and soft power into smart power. Joseph Nye

Feb 15 - Theorist of Nonviolent Action, Gene Sharp

  KPFK fund drive interview  
Hailed as the intellectual inspiration of the Egypt, Gene Sharp has been working on nonviolent action for over four decades. Ian interviews him a day before he was featured in the New York Times. Gene Sharp
  Albert Einstein Institution  

Feb 14 - Middle East Intelligence Failures; Obama's Budget; Adele Stan on CPAC

Hear Part 1 Former CIA agent and Middle East expert Robert Baer, author of The Devil We Know and The Company We Keep, analyzes changes in the Middle East and intelligence assessments of those shifts. Robert Baer Devil We Know
Hear Part 2 University of Texas Economist James K. Galbraith puts President Obama's budget proposal into perspective. James Galbraith Predator State
Hear Part 3 Alternet.org's Washington Bureau Chief Adele Stan gives her analysis of the CPAC convention and developments in the consersvative movement.

Feb 13 - Free Egypt; Yemen's Prospects; Deborah Amos on Arab Youth and the Internet

Hear Part 1 Sheila Carapico, Chair of the Political Science Department at the American University in Cairo, who we talked to on Jan 25--the first day of Egypt's uprising-- gives her assessment of the situation now.
Hear Part 2 Charles Schmitz, president of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies, discusses current protests in Yemen's streets. Charles Schmitz American Institute for Yemeni Studies
Hear Part 3

Deborah Amos, Middle East reporter for National Public Radio, talks about the series she produced on Arab youth and offers her analysis of the Middle East at the moment.


"Words and Deeds: Freedom of Expression and Arab Youth"

Deborah Amos Eclipse of the Sunnis