Mar 27 - Radiation Information from Japan?; Uprising in Syria?; MIRAL!

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Full Program


Part 1

Ellen Vancko, Nuclear Energy & Climate Change Project Manager at the Union of Concern Scientists, assesses the infomation that we are getting on radiation leaks in Japan. Ellen Vancko

Break Music - Sendai Komatsu, "Zekkomon"

Break Music - Omar Souleyman, "Leh Jani"


Part 2

UCLA History professor and Syria expert, James Gelvin, assesses the current situation in Syria.

Break Music - Raba al Assad, "Yawla"

Break Music - Featured in MIRAL, Tom Waits, "Down There By the Train"


Part 3

Rula Jebreal, author of Miral and Julian Schnabel, director of the film based on the novel, talk with Ian about the new movie.


Ian Masters gives his analysis of today's program