October 5 - Occupy K Street and Main Street Too; Unions and Progressive Organizations Catching Up; Taking Up Arms Against The Assad Regime

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Full Program



Part 1

We first go to the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations in New York’s Zuccotti Park and speak with the author of a new book “Republic Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress – And a Plan to Stop it”. Lawrence Lessig the director of the Edmond J Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University, where he also is a professor of law at Harvard Law School, joins us from the demonstrations to discuss whether, as he hopes, the movement spreads to Occupy K Street, the lair of the lobbyists in our nation’s capitol, and Main Street. Lawrence Lessig


Part 2

Then we look into how unions and other progressive organizations are joining in with the spontaneous and grassroots, “Occupy Wall Street” protest movement. Les Leopold, a strategic consultant to the Blue/Green Alliance, that brings together trade unions and environmental organizations, joins us to discuss whether an authentic non-hierarchical populist movement is forming to counter the Tea Party an Astroturf repackaging of America's right wing. Les Leopold


Part 3

Then finally we talk with a Syrian Human Rights activist about the Russian and Chinese veto in the UN Security Council of tougher sanctions against the murderous Assad regime. Radwan Ziadeh, the founder and director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies, joins us to discuss the increasing likelihood that the Syrian opposition will take up arms and fight back against the regime from sanctuaries in Iraq and Turkey. Radwan Ziadeh