October 19 - The Cost of "Containing" Trump to US Foreign Policy; It Cost the University of Florida $600,000 to Have An American Nazi Speak Today; Russia's Kim Kardashian to Run Against Putin to Split the Opposition Vote

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Part 1

We begin with recent criticism of Trump’s domestic and foreign policy coming from Senator McCain, former President George W Bush and former Vice President Joe Biden and speak with a foreign policy advisor to Joe Biden, Dr. Michael Carpenter, a former deputy assistant Secretary of Defense and Director for Russia on the National Security Council.  He joins us to discuss the price the US is paying for the absence of leadership in US foreign policy because of a disengaged and disruptive president who has little knowledge of or interest in global affairs, and has not staffed his government with foreign policy and national security professionals. With Iraq about to explode as our allies the Kurds are being squeezed by Iran whose influence in Iraq and Syria grows with the emergence of the “Shia Crescent” land corridor from Tehran to Damascus, we assess how much the generals around Trump who are preoccupied “containing” him, are not able to pay sufficient attention to the roiling global events that demand daily attention if not a strategy to deal with them.

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Part 2

Then we look into the latest expensive headline-grabbing by fringe groups on the far right wing like Breitbart, David Horowitz and Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute who deliberately choose to speak on liberal campuses like Berkeley where they are not welcome, to provoke students from minority communities with racist insults in the hope that they can extort media attention and become martyrs for free speech. Clay Calvert, the Brechner Eminent Scholar in Mass Communication and Director of the First Amendment Project at the University of Florida, Gainesville joins us to discuss the $600,000 expense incurred by his public university today because Richard Spencer decided to speak there even though a handful of students wanted to hear him while thousands showed up to protest Spencer shouting “Go home Nazis!”

Part 3

Then finally we speak with another professor at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Michael Gorham about a different subject, the latest Kremlin-approved straw man to run against Vladimir Putin in Russia’s next presidential election. A Professor of Russian Studies whose latest project is “Russia’s Digital Revolution: Language, New Media, and the (Un)making of Civil Society” joins us to discuss how this time the daughter of Putin’s political mentor who is Russia’s equivalent of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, will be running to split the opposition vote.