November 3 - The Shift in Focus From The NSA's Domestic Spying to Spying Abroad; Meeting With Edward Snowden in Moscow; The Filmmakers of "The Square" About The On-Going Revolution in Egypt

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Part 1

We begin with a report from a German member of parliament, who met with Edward Snowden in Moscow, that the NSA leaker offered to testify in front of Congress and did not see himself as an enemy of America. We will speak with constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein, who up until recently was the lawyer for Edward Snowden’s father Lon. His latest book is “American Empire: Before the Fall” and we discuss the extent to which the public outrage over spying on Americans that led to a close vote in Congress to curb the NSA’s collection of metadata on U.S. citizens, has been lost amid the almost daily stories about the NSA’s spying abroad, revelations that are likely to become even more sensational since Glenn Greenwald has promised that the worst is yet to come.


bruce fein


Part 2

Then we hear from retired CIA officer turned political activist Ray McGovern, who recently met with Edward Snowden in Moscow. McGovern helped create Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity and he joins us to discuss the issues surrounding Snowden who is either considered a hero by some or a traitor by others, or both.

ray mcgovern


Part 3

Then finally, with Secretary of State Kerry in Cairo expressing guarded optimism that the Egyptian generals will return democracy to their divided country, we speak with the filmmakers of the new feature documentary “The Square”, the definitive documentary on Egypt’s revolutionary uprising that continues beneath the surface while it has receded from the headlinesJehane Noujaim the director of “The Square”, best known for her film “The Control Room”, joins us along with the producer Karim Amer to re-focus on the “Arab Spring” and a revolution that is not going away. 


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