November 26 - A Timeline and Road Map of the Mueller Investigation; An Analysis of the Republican's So-Called Tax Reform; The Sinai Slaughter Exposes General Sisi as a Fraud

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Part 1

With the recent news that Michael Flynn is presumably cooperating with Robert Mueller, we begin with a roadmap of the Mueller investigation and explore the “follow the money” strand, the political operatives strand, and the digital Kushner/Bannon/Mercer strand that will likely coalesce into a conclusion by the special counsel to recommend the impeachment of President Trump if Trump does not fire Mueller first to try to shut down the inquiry. Steven Harper, a professor at Northwestern University who blogs at “The Belly of the Beast” and has an article with Bill Moyers at “The Trump-Russia Story is Coming Together. Here’s How to Make Sense of It”, joins us.  Having produced timelines and a map with over 700 entries of the entangles ties between Putin and Trump and the murky world of Russian oligarchs, state officials, hackers, spies and Republican operatives, Steven Harper  discuss how everything that Trump, his cabinet, his campaign and his complicit GOP Congress has said about connections and collusion between Trump and Russia is a lie.

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Part 2

Then with the upcoming week the crucial test of whether the Republican Senate will pass their version of the so-called tax reform bill, we get an analysis of what we know about it so far from economist James Galbraith the Chair in Government/Business Relations and a professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. He joins us to discuss the Republican race to get something passed before voters notice how damaging this obscene gift to the super-rich donors at the expense of the middle class will be to the average American, coupled with the pressure on Republican lawmakers to get any legislation passed no matter how disastrous it will be for the American people and the economy.

LBJ School faculty member James K. Galbraith

Part 3

Then finally we look into the slaughter in the Sinai that has outraged the Egyptian people and exposed the central fraud of General Sisi’s military dictatorship, revealing that a military government cannot even provide basic security for its citizens. Samer Shehata, a professor of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma and author of “Islamist Politics in the Middle East” joins us to discuss the blowback from the worst bloodshed of its kind in modern Egyptian history resulting from the ISIS attack on a Sufi mosque in the northern Sinai that killed over 300 worshipers, including 27 children.