November 26 - Separate Narratives in a Divided St. Louis, Missouri; Will We Take Putin's Bait?; Republican Plans for a Permanent $400 Billion Tax Break for Big Corporations

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of the separate narratives coming out of St. Louis Missouri, one from the grand jury rigged in favor of Officer Wilson who was allowed to testify, then, with the major networks begging for exclusive interviews, was allowed to present the official narrative. While on the other hand, the victim who is unable to speak is put on trial leaving those who support justice and racial equality angry and frustrated. Clarissa Haywood, a political theorist at Washington University in St. Louis and author of “How Americans Make Race”, joins us to discuss the possibility of bridging the gap in the racially divided city of St. Louis that has a long history of racial violence and segregated communities.



Part 2

Then we look into the provocative actions being taken by Vladimir Putin who is sending aircraft to buzz NATO facilities and submarines into neutral waters with the apparent aim of provoking a military incident to further inflame the Russian people who are told the West is out to humiliate if not destroy them. Kimberly Marten, a professor of political science at Barnard College and author of “Warlords: Strong-Arm Brokers in Weak States”, joins us to discuss her article at the Huffington Post, “Don’t Prop up Putin by Giving Him an Enemy” and whether with hawks like Senator McCain taking over in the Senate, the U.S. will be pressured into taking the bait and arming Ukraine which will play into Putin’s narrative and bring a new Cold War closer to reality.

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Part 3

Then finally, we discuss Republican plans to give $400 billion in permanent tax breaks to big corporations at the expense of helping the middle class and working Americans who have seen jobs return but not wages. Rebecca Smith, the Deputy Director of the National Employment Law Project joins us to discuss how the 1% have won at the national level, but at the local level, the 99% are organizing to raise the minimum wages and stop the Wal-Marting of America so that American families can have a livable wage and be able to celebrate Thanksgiving instead of working for low wages so that Wal-Mart can make even greater profits on Black Friday.