November 18 - The Politico Reporter Who Exposed the Koch Brothers Intelligence Agency; US Nativism is Giving Daesh Exactly What They Want; Have European Attitudes Towards Syrian Refugees Changed Since The Paris Massacres?

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Full Program


Part 1

We begin with the creation of a new intelligence agency, not by the U.S. government but by Charles and David Koch of the Koch brothers, who have hired a competitive intelligence team of 25, including one former CIA analyst, to thwart liberal groups and activists. Kenneth Vogel, the Chief Investigative Reporter for Politico and author of “Big Money: 2.5 Billion Dollars, One Suspicious Vehicle, and a Pimp – On the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics” joins us. He broke the story in Politico and we discuss his latest article “The Koch Intelligence Agency” and the efforts by the billionaire brothers to spy on Democrats while rooting out moles within their own ranks.


Part 2

Then we speak with Christopher Swift, a Professor of National Security Studies at Georgetown University and a Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Center for National Security Law. He is the author of “The Fighting Vanguard: Local Insurgencies in the Global Jihad” and we discuss whether the West is giving daesh, the Islamic State, exactly what they want with the nativist response to the Paris massacres by U.S. governors shutting the door on Syrian refugees, which reinforces the “clash of civilizations” model that daesh is trying to inflame.

Part 3

Then finally we go to Geneva, Switzerland and speak with Joel Millman, the press officer for the International Organization of Migration who previously worked as a Wall Street Journal reporter covering immigration and human trafficking. We discuss how much attitudes in Europe have changed towards the influx of refugees from Syria, since the massacres in Paris.