June 1 - Trump Joins Bannon's Dark Side to Trash the Planet; Hundred of Saudi Students in the US Have Joined ISIS; Living in Fear in Trump's America

May 31 - The Untimely Death of American Leadership; Trump to Allow Insurance Companies to Drop Contraception Mandate; Diplomats Desert Afghanistan Following Bombing Likely Directed By Pakistan

April 13 - Gaming Our Broken Electoral and Delegate Systems; The Kochs and Senate Republican Kill Clean Energy Tax Credits; The Islamic State Take Credit For the Paris and Brussels Massacres

December 14 - An Appraisal of Whether the Climate Deal is "A Hoax"; The Blindness and Double Standard of the New Visa Waiver Act; The Author of "Raw Deal: How the Uber Economy and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers

December 13 - An Analysis of the UN Climate Deal Just Agreed to in Paris; The Post-Carbon Era and the Retreat of Global Warming Deniers; The Author of "Arctica: The Vanishing North"

November 30 - Obama's Warning at the UN Conference on Climate Change; The Psychology and Sociology of Global Warming Denial; Regenerative Agriculture Versus Industrial Agriculture

November 22 - Republicans Are Playing Into the Hands of ISIS; The Sanders Campaign as a Watershed for a New Progressive Politics; On the Campaign Trail with Bernie Sanders

November 19 - The House Votes to Shut Out Syrian Refugees; Hysterical Overreaction to an IS (Daesh) Video; Has Daesh Helped Unify the Anti-IS Coalition?

November 23 - Diplomatic Moves to End the Syrian Agony; Russia's Changing Role in the Syrian Civil War