November 14 - What Went Wrong With the Clinton Campaign?; Russian Hacking and the Next Watergate; Four Scenarios of a Trump Presidency

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Part 1

We begin with the epic failure of the Democratic Party to win a presidential election against one of the least qualified and most controversial candidates to ever run for president. Ed Kilgore, a political columnist for New York Magazine and the Managing Editor of The Democratic Strategist joins us to discuss his article at New York Magazine about the much-vaunted Democratic ground game “Trump Did Not Need an Organization: He Let Conservative Groups Organize For Him”, and what went wrong with the Clinton campaign, apart from the intervention by the FBI Director, that explains their failure to reach out to working class voters and inspire the seven million who voted Democratic in the last presidential election who sat this one out.


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Part 2

Then, with today’s phone call between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, we examine the role of Russian finance and Russian Intelligence in supporting Trump and helping elect him. We assess whether, like Nixon, who won an election then eventually his Watergate break-in to the DNC caught up with him, Trump could suffer the same fate since there has already been an electronic version of a Watergate break-in to the DNC by Russian hackers. Michael Kelley, an editor at Yahoo Finance who was formerly the front-page editor at Business Insider where he reported on Military and Defense issues, joins us to discuss the role that Wikileaks and the Russians played in feeding the Trump campaign damaging opposition research on Hillary Clinton.

Part 3

Then finally we explore four scenarios of what a Trump presidency might be with Darrell West, the vice president of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution and author of “Megachange: Economic Disruption, Political Upheaval, and Social Strife in the 21st Century”. We discuss his article at Brookings “Four Scenarios for a Trump Presidency” to determine whether we will have in the White House a traditional Republican Administration – a Popular Rogue – a Failed President or an Authoritarian Leader.

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