May 30 - Assad Claims He is Winning the Civil War; Right-Wing Conspiracy That So-Called Leftists Believe; The New Economic Movement

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Part 1

We begin with a report from Beirut-based journalist Habib Battah about the claims just made on Hezbollah’s Lebanese television network by the Syrian dictator Basher al-Assad that the Syrian army has won “major victories” and now holds “the balance of power” in the civil war. We discuss the possibility of a peace settlement in Syria similar to what brought about an end to Lebanon’s bitter civil war. habib


Part 2

Then the author of a new book “The New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right”, Arthur Goldwag, joins to talk about the migration of increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories into the mainstream media as anti-government hate speech propagated by right wing Senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul often surprisingly finds a sympathetic audience amongst people who consider themselves leftists. Arthur Goldwag has an article in the Washington Spectator, “Alex Jones’ Weather Weapons”.

arthur goldwag


Part 3

Then finally we hear about a new economic movement going on under the radar in America that is empowering local communities who are prospering, independent from Wall Street. Historian, political economist, activist and writer Gar Alperovitz joins us to discuss his article at the Washington Spectator “Something is Happening: The New Economic Movement” and his latest book “What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution”.

gar alperovitz