March 27 - SCOTUS Split on DOMA; The Real Possibility of War Between North and South Korea; America's Rentier Capitalism of "Takers"

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Part 1

We begin with today’s arguments before the Supreme Court on the Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, and speak with Tobias Wolff, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School who has participated in some of the highest profile gay rights cases of the last several years. We discuss the apparent split between the justices on overturning DOMA because it violates equal protection under the 14 Amendment, and assess whether they will kick the can down the road rather that make a bold ruling. tobias wolffe


Part 2

Then we examine the very real possibility of war or some kind of military action breaking out on the Korean peninsula following North Korea’s escalating threats and the cut off of the hot line with South Korea. Sue Mi Terry, the former Director of Japan, Korea and Oceanic Affairs at the National Security Council joins us to discuss the extent to which the North has dug itself into a rhetorical trap where they have to deliver on their threats, and the possibility that this time the South will not roll with the punches.

sue terry


Part 3

Then finally we speak with Michael Lind, the author of “Land of Promise: An Economic History of the United States” about the real nature of American capitalism that is no longer about creating wealth, but extracting it in a new form of rentier capitalism that rewards the real “takers”, as opposed to industrial capitalism of old that was about “makers”. Michael Lind offers his arguments in a series of articles at; “Private sector parasites”, “How rich ‘moochers’ hurt America”, and “Defeating useless rich people”.

michael lind