March 27 - 27 Countries Join the UK in Expelling Russian Spies; Will Hollywood Cave to Demands By Chinese Censors?; Repeal the Second Amendment?

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Part 1

With 27 countries and NATO now having expelled more than 140 Russian spies under diplomatic cover, we will begin with the growing support for the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May’s response to a Russian nerve agent attack on British soil. Charles Kupchan, a professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service who spent the last 3 years of the Obama Administration as a Special Assistant to President Obama for National Security, joins us to discuss the unexpectedly strong response in support of the U.K.’s weak leader and whether finally standing up to Putin will curb the Russia president’s brazen flouting of international norms. We will assess why Trump, who has so far not said a bad word about Putin, agreed to expel 60 Russians and speculate about what possible motives Putin might have for using a weapon of mass destruction against a NATO country. And because so many Russian oligarchs have parked their ill-gotten gains in what is joking referred to as Londongrad, is Putin betting that the U.K. will not freeze these assets because of the hit on top of the chaos from Brexit would be too damaging to Britain’s banking sector?

Part 2

Then we examine moves by China’s self-declared leader for life Xi Jinping to impose Communist Party censorship on Hollywood movies and speak with Aynne Kokas, a professor of media studies at the University of Virginia who is currently a fellow at the Wilson Center working on a project “Border Control on the Digital Frontier: China, the United States and the Global Battle for Data Security”. The author of “Hollywood Made in China”, she joins us to discuss how in order to maintain its quota in China’s market which accounts for one fifth of the global box-office, Hollywood is already tailoring its movies to please Communist Party censors.
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Part 3

Then finally, we discuss the op-ed by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens “Repeal the Second Amendment” and speak with Jonathan Lowy, the Director of the Legal Action Project at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. He joins us to argue that under current law, most of what the young activists called for at last Saturday’s March for Our Lives rallies across the country and around the world, would be constitutional. But with another Second Amendment extremist like Justice Gorsuch on the court, even more pro-gun rights pushed by the NRA could become the law of the land.