June 18 - A Massacre in an Historic Black Church By a White Racist; The Disastrous Breakdown of Talks Between the Greek and European Finance Ministers; The Co-Author of the Fragile States Index of 2015 Report

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Full Program


Part 1

We  be begin with the massacre in the historic AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina perpetrated by a young white racist who murdered the pastor and eight parishioners with a handgun recently given to him by his father as a birthday present. John Hale, a professor of Civil Rights History at the College of Charleston and author of the forthcoming book “The Freedom Schools: A History of Student Activists During the Civil Rights Movement” joins us to discuss the historical significance of the church where this flagrant hate crime took place and the overlooked threat from right wing terrorists that the country faces.


Part 2

Then we examine the disastrous breakdown of emergency talks in Luxembourg between European Finance Ministers and the Greek government that ended in acrimony and recriminations. With a run underway on Greek banks as depositors grab up Euros before the last-minute talks resume on Monday when Greek banks are not likely to be open, we are joined by Andre Gerolymatos, the Chair of Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He focuses on the Political and Social History of Modern Greece and we will discuss what can be done to pull Greece back from the brink.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with J.J. Messner, the Executive Director of The Fund for Peace where he just co-authored their latest report “Fragile States Index 2015” which is published by both The Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy. He joins us to discuss the ranking of the world’s countries that are moving towards stability or closer to collapse with some bright spots like Cuba, Georgia and Portugal and a lot of sad cases like South Sudan, the worst ranked, and Syria, which is going from bad to worse.