domestic terrorism

January 4 - Terrorists Posing as Patriots in Oregon; The Growing Confrontation Between Iran and Saudi Arabia; The Abysmal Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia

December 1 - A Former Chicago Police Officer on the Firing of the Police Chief; Can Mayor Emanuel Keep a Lid on Chicago?; No Remorse or Responsibility From Those Demonizing Planned Parenthood

July 26 - The Threat of Homegrown Right Wing Terrorism; Is China Dumping US Treasuries?; Turkey Attacks ISIL and the PKK

July 19 - A Former Jihadi on the Radicalization of the Tennessee Terrorist; The Wikileaks Documents on Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia's Role in Radicalizing Islam

June 18 - A Massacre in an Historic Black Church By a White Racist; The Disastrous Breakdown of Talks Between the Greek and European Finance Ministers; The Co-Author of the Fragile States Index of 2015 Report

April 19 - Putin Accuses the U.S. of Wanting "Vassal States"; The Saudi Quagmire in Yemen; Questions Remain About Oklahoma City Bombing