July 30 - Amateurism in the White House at a Time of International Crises; Lobbying for Israel-Palestine Peace on Capitol Hill; Texans Cruz and Perry Posturing for the Presidency

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of President Obama’s national security team and assess the concern that an often disengaged president is surrounded by ex-congressional staffers and academics who lack real-world experience, and that he does not get the counsel of seasoned diplomats, intelligence veterans and statesmen. Roger Morris, who served on the senior staff of the National Security Council under presidents Johnson and Nixon and is the author of “Between the Graves: America, Afghanistan and the Politics of Intervention” and “Kindred Rivals: America, Russia and Their Failed Ideals”, joins us to discuss foreign policy amateurism in the White House at a time of international crises.

roger morris


Part 2

Then we speak with Kate Gould, the Legislative Associate for Middle East Policy for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobby that fields the largest team of registered peace lobbyists on Capitol Hill. She lobbies for Israel-Palestine peace and we will discuss her article in the Huffington Post, “5 Steps U.S. Can Take to Help Restore Israel/Gaza Ceasefire” and whether the latest war in Gaza is shifting attitudes in Congress where unconditional support for Israel has been the norm for decades.

kate gould


Part 3

Then finally we examine the efforts by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Texas Congressman Pete Sessions to scuttle House Speaker Boehner’s immigration bill in the last days before Congress adjourns for the summer recess. Wayne Slater, the Senior Political Writer for the Dallas Morning News, joins us to discuss the political posturing of Texas Governor Rick Perry and junior Senator Ted Cruz, both of whom are running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, and are trying to get the attention of Christian conservative voters who dominate the Republican primary process.

wayne slater