January 31- Does Hagel's Lackluster Testimony Invite a Filibuster?; How Successful Republican Gerrymandering Will Backfire; China Hacks The New York Times

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Part 1

We begin and get an assessment of how President Obama’s nominee to head up the Department of Defense equipped himself under a barrage of hostile questions from his former Republican senate colleagues. Winslow Wheeler, who worked on national security issues for over 30 years for members on the U.S. Senate, joins us to discuss today’s lackluster performance by Chuck Hagel and whether that will embolden Republicans to filibuster his nomination. winslow wheeler


Part 2

Then we look into whether the recent attempt by Republicans to change the Electoral College so that the losing candidate could win the presidency has fizzled or has been put on hold. Jeremiah Goulka, a former Republican who has an article at Truthout.org “Shot by Their Own Men: How the Virginia Senate Inadvertently Predicts Republican Decline” joins us to discuss how successful gerrymandering by Republicans could backfire as right-wing incumbents in safe seats, are forced to run against even more extreme right-wing candidates, eventually turning off moderate and conservative voters.

jeremiah goulka


Part 3

Then finally we examine cyber attacks aimed at the New York Times that have been blamed on Chinese hackers in apparent retaliation for negative stories the Times had run about the fabulous wealth accrued by the families of China’s leaders. Gordon Chang, the author of “The Coming Collapse of China” joins us to discuss who is behind these cyber attacks and the apparent insecurity China’s Communist leaders have about their capitalist riches.

gordon chang