February 9 - Eric Cantor Sells Out; Winner-Take-All Politics; Syrian/Americans Speak Out

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Part 1

We  begin with a brazen act of complicity between the House Majority Leader and Wall Street interests, witnessed today on Capitol Hill as Eric Cantor gutted the Stock Act, meant to stop insider trading by the Congress, and forced through the passage of a watered-down weak bill. Dr Craig Holman, the legislative representative for Public Citizen on Capitol Hill joins us to discuss Cantor’s craven move and the outrage it has generated from lawmakers, including the Republican sponsor of the Senate’s Stock Act bill, Chuck Grassley.


craig holman


Part 2

Then we speak with Paul Pierson, who is Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley and the co-author of “Winner-Take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer – And Turned its Back on the Middle Class”. We examine the capture of our government by the super-rich and look into ways to restore a government of the people, by the people and for the people.



Part 3

Then finally we speak with the Communications Director for the Syrian American CouncilRashad Al-Dabbagh about the on-going tragedy in his native country as the Assad regime appears to be taking advantage of the Russian U.N. veto to ramp up its murderous military bombardment of a growing number of Syrians who oppose the family dictatorship.

  MUSIC: Shabazz Palaces - Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum; My Morning Jacket - The Day is Coming; Dirty Projectors - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie; Syrian Protesters - Bashar Must Go