middle class

May 28 - Improving the Quality of Death at the Expense of America's Quality of Life; Trump's Generals Should Protect the County, Not the President

September 5 - Reversing the Growing Income and Wealth Gap; A Living Wage as an American Value; Building on the Bernie Sanders Movement;

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  • July 19 - Unmistakable Plagiarism in the Keynote Speech at the Opening Night of the Republican Convention; Hate Speech and Personal Attacks Dominate the Republican Convention

    December 27 - Bernie Sanders on Entering the Primaries; Populist Anger on the Left and the Right; How Deep is the Well of Populist Anger?

    August 5 - The SEC's New Rule That Corporations Disclose the Ratio of CEO Pay to Workers' Pay; Senator Bernie Sanders on His Campaign and the Issues; Why Iran Agreed to the P5+1 Deal

    July 13 - Hillary Clinton's Speech on the Economy; Is the Greek Deal the "New Treaty of Versailles"?; The Union-Busting Presidential Candidate

    July 9 - The Ghosts of the Confederacy Still Haunt Our Politics and Economy; The Clamor to Arm Ukraine; Jeb Bush is Way Out of Touch with Working Americans

    January 20 - America Loses Its Ally Against AQAP in Yemen; Will Hezbollah Retaliate and What Happened to the Egyptian Revolution?; Two White House Speechwriters on the SOTU

    July 7 - Right Wing Demonstrations and "Price-Tag" Attacks in Israel; A Report on U.S. Drone Policy; Taking Back Power Over the Economy and Our Lives