February 5 - Censorship on Capitol Hill; Iran's Leaders Want War; An Occupy Activist on Alternatives to Electoral Politics

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Part 1

We begin with this week’s arrest on Capitol Hill of a documentary film maker who was trying to record a public hearing. Josh Fox, the director of “Gasland” joins us. He is finishing up a sequel to “Gasland” and wanted to film testimony before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment from the Environmental Protection Agency about their December 8 draft report on links between hydraulic fracturing known as “fracking” and water contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming. We discuss an apparently desperate attempt by the Republican Subcommittee Chairman to suppress free speech and shape public testimony in an open hearing of the United States House of Representatives. josh fox


Part 2

Then we look into the recent statement by Leon Panetta in a Washington Post interview that the Secretary of Defense believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June of this year. The Founding Member of the Iranian Human Rights Documentation Center, Roya Hakakian joins us. She is the author of “Assassins of the Turquoise Palace” and we try to determine the mindset of the Iranian Supreme Leader and his likely response to an Israeli attack. roya hakakian


Part 3

Then finally we speak with one of the organizers of “Occupy Wall Street”, David Graeber, who played an early role in the movement. He was a professor of Anthropology at Yale University and has a history of social activism, including his role in protests against the World

Economic Forum in New York City in 2002. David Graeber is the author of the new book “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”.
  MUSIC: Xavier Rudd - Messages; The Roots - Guns Are Drawn; Velvet Underground - I Found A Reason