February 26 - The Republican's Successful Stacking of the Supreme Court to Kill Unions and Defund Democrats; Has the White House Succeeded in Burying the Democrat's Rebuttal to the Nunes Memo?; The Dangerous Complexities of the Combined War in Syria and I

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Part 1

We begin with arguments before the Supreme Court today in Janus vs AFSCME, a case that will likely rule against AFSCME and cripple public sector unions representing teachers, firefighters, nurses and municipal workers and limit the ability of unions representing public employees to fund the Democratic Party. Celine McNicholas, the Economic Policy Institute’s Labor Counsel who tracks the Trump Administration’s wage and employment policies, joins us to explain how, with the death of Scalia, an earlier union-busting case was deadlocked so the Republicans, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, were so determined to get a conservative replacement for Scalia to rule against unions that they denied Obama his appointment to the court.  And now with Gorsuch on the court, they have another bite at the apple with the Janus case which was put together by a handful of billionaires, one of whom is close to Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society, who not only championed Gorsuch’s appointment, but is an expert in Supreme Court shopping for reactionary causes.

Celine McNicholas

Part 2

Then we assess the impact of the Democratic memo meant to rebut the Nunes memo which was held up by the White House and released on a Saturday in the hope it would get limited media coverage which appears to be the case. Harry Litman, a former United States Attorney and deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department who is now a Professor of Political Science at the University of California, San Diego, joins us to discuss how successful Trump and his Republican enablers are in distracting the press and public from the Mueller investigation which is closing in on Paul Manafort.

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Part 3

Then finally we speak with William Harris, a Professor of Politics at the University of Otago in New Zealand and the author of a new book “Quicksilver War: Syria, Iraq and the Spiral of Conflict”. He joins us to discuss the dangerous complexities of a rapidly changing combined war in Iraq and Syria which recently saw Russian mercenaries attacking American troops as we now witness a humanitarian horror unfolding in the suburbs of Damascus with the possibility of a major clash between Israel and Iran looming on the horizon since Iran in poised to send Iraqi Shia militias into Syria and Lebanon.

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