February 22 - The Weaponization of Conspiracy Theories and Information Pollution in the Trump Era; Could Putin Be Reading Trump's PDB?; Trump Wants Teachers to Be Trained to Shoot the Kids They are Supposed to Educate

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Part 1

We begin with the weaponization of conspiracy theories and cynical propaganda that has flourished and is encouraged by Donald Trump who continually refers to the mainstream press as “fake news” while often citing hideous and sick lies manufactured by Alex Jones and others on the fringes of media and sanity. David Carroll, a professor of media design at the New School who researches and analyzes major shifts in the media as it relates to privacy, surveillance, social media and journalism, joins us to discuss how You Tube has had to take down scurrilous videos it has been hosting which claim one of the Florida students who survived the recent massacre is a “crisis actor”. We look into “information pollution” that is deliberately manufactured to further political ends and discredit a genuine reaction to a social crisis and an American tragedy which right wing operatives are defiling by claiming an outspoken student survivor David Hogg is an actor, “bought and paid for by CNN and George Soros”. We will also explore whether the decline in public education and the lack of critical thinking contribute to why Americans appear to be susceptible to such disgusting lies as Alex Jones’s claim that the massacre of kindergarten kids at Sandy Hook was a government “false flag” operation.

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Part 2

Then we speak with a 23-year former member of the CIA’s Clandestine Service who retired as deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats, about the extent to which Putin and the Russians have penetrated not just the United States’ political and electoral system, but the White House itself. Glenn Carle, the author of “The Interrogator: An Education” joins us to discuss his concern that not only does Putin appear to own Trump, he might even be reading the top secret PDB, the President’s Daily Brief.   


Part 3

Then finally we assess whether Donald Trump’s answer to the latest school massacre to not just to arm teachers, but to pay them a bonus for packing concealed weapons, is something he truly believes or is an NRA talking point. John Donohue III, a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and the author of “Shooting Down The More Guns, Less Crime Hypothesis”, joins us to discuss the contrast between the passion, clarity and conviction of the young victims who met with the president in the Oval Office and the solution offered by the nation’s leader which is to give a bounty and firearms training to those charged with educating our kids and a license to kill them.

John J. J Donohue III