February 14 - The Mysterious Death of Prisoner X; In the U.K. More Trouble for Murdoch; Nationwide Protests Against the KeystoneXL Pipeline

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Part 1

We begin and go to Australia to speak with Vivien Altman, a Senior Producer on ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent program, who, along with Trevor Bormann,  Steve Taylor and Nick Brenner, broke the story of Prisoner X who died two years ago in a secret Israeli prison where he was locked up under a false identity. Following extraordinary efforts by Prime Minister Netanyahu to muzzle the Israeli press from covering the story based on revelations from Australia’s Foreign Correspondent program, we discuss what is known about an Australian who was recruited by Mossad and apparently knew too many secrets that he took to his grave.



Part 2

Then we go to London and speak with the Deputy Editor of the satirical magazine Private Eye, Francis Wheen, about a new outbreak of scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper empire, following yesterday’s arrest of six former journalists with the now-defunct “News of the World” tabloid. We discuss the likelihood of additional hundreds of millions of pounds being paid out in settlements and whether new press restrictions that the police and parliament are pushing will set back freedom of the press in the UK, where journalists already operate under onerous and antiquated libel laws.

frances wheen


Part 3

Then finally we discuss this weekend’s nationwide demonstrations against the controversial KeystoneXL pipeline with May Boeve, the Executive Director and co-founder of 350.org which is leading the largest climate demonstration in Washington DC at the National Mall on Sunday. Also joining me in the studio is the organizer of Tar Sands Action Southern California, Jack Eidt  who, in conjunction with actions across the country, is leading a rally in downtown L.A. “Solve the Climate Crisis! Take a Stand Mr. President”. And a spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Josh Mogerman, joins us as well.

may boeve

jack eidt

josh mogerman